Whole30: Day 30 and Picture Results

Whole30: Day 30

We did it. It’s over. It’s done. Anything beyond this point would be our Whole31 or Whole300.

I really didn’t think I could do this. I did this to appease the husband, because he was constantly bugging me about eating Paleo and I’m glad I finally did it. I think I agreed because Whole30 was just 30 days. I didn’t expect to see such a change both physically but also emotionally.

Here’s a list of improvements I’ve had since Day One :

  • Clear skin! I actually felt confident enough one day to go out with any make-up on. It was pretty liberating.
  • I’ve gone down almost two shirt sizes and two pant sizes! I have yet to weigh myself as we don’t own a scale, and I really have never cared what I weighed before, but I am curious though!
  • My left knee was bugging me badly before. Any time I would bend it, it would feel like the worst carpet burn imagineable! I forgot it was hurting about two weeks into this and I’m guessing diet had something to do with it.
  • My favorite improvement has to be that my blood sugar is no longer crashing. I hated feeling “hangy” several times a day and really felt I couldn’t handle my emotions if I snapped at someone during that time. I’m sure my family appreciates this improvement too 😛
  • Sweet Pea, whose 3 months and nursing, is much happier and has nearly zero gas problems anymore.
  • My marriage feels stronger! We bonded over something of mutual interest that didn’t include our kids or a Netflix series, we should totally be doing that more often!
  • While initially this felt like the harder way of eating, it’s actually much easier than before. You literally are just cooking a protein, some vegetables in some sort of fat and seasonings and eating it. Easy peasy!
  • I’m sleeping more soundly.
  • I feel clear headed.
  • I have more energy, but not in the “I’ve had waaaay too much caffeine” sort of way, just in the fact that I actually just get stuff done. Doing things doesn’t feel like a chore anymore.
  • I’ve discovered new favorite foods and flavors!
  • and lastly, it’s sort of empowering to actually complete something! I’m a serial project starter but rarely, if ever, finish them. I actually did this one! I’m proud of myself ❤

I tried to dig up some old pictures, and it was hard to find some with full body. But here’s a progression over the past year. Granted I lost alot weight while being pregnant and  sick and unable to really eat for a long period of time.

About a year ago, right before I found out I was pregnant with Sweet Pea. Circa Sep. 2013. I think I was about 225 lbs here. 


June 2013. Right before Whole30. This was about a month after I had Sweet Pea. I was 193 lbs. I only knew this cause I had just visited the Doctor for my postpartum appointment.


Here’s me on week 3. I had just gone to an Improving Birth rally and was proud I was in a size large shirt! I can tell a huge difference in my face. I looked so puffy in the first picture! Still no idea how much I weigh. But I’m down from an XXL to a L shirt and size 18/20 pant to 14/16. 

While it’s easy to get caught up in the weight loss of it all, I’m really most happy that my emotional connection with food seems to be disappearing. When I find myself having a sweet tooth, I still indulge but in a handful of raisins instead. It still satisfies my sweet tooth without destroying my diet. If I find myself stressing out, I go take a hot shower, come blog, or go somewhere to calm down, but I don’t feel myself getting as stressed as I once did.

I’ve found that having a hamburger is just as satisfying with a lettuce bun once you get over the initial craving. After you eat it, you still find yourself satisfied even if you didn’t have the cheese and bun to go with it. If you can just push back that craving and instead treat yourself with something “compliant” , you’ll find that once you’ve eaten it you don’t really didn’t miss the “extras”.

I hope I’ve helped either inspire some of you to try this yourself, but mostly I’m glad you’ve let me share my journey with you! Writing about my experience helped me want to succeed even more.

Much love y’all,



4 thoughts on “Whole30: Day 30 and Picture Results

  1. This is super awesome! I’m going to look into doing the whole30!!! I’ve lost 21 lbs from my prepregnancy just from cutting out eggs and dairy for the nursling! So from my highest weight being pregnant I’ve lost 42 lbs!!! I’m also down from 18 panta to a 14 & xxl shirt to a xl I have big boobies lol.


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