Whole30: Days Twenty – Twenty-two

Whole30: Days Twenty – Twenty-two

Yea, this trying to blog every day is for the birds. I’m really just too busy and am juggling a lot this time of year. So if you’re looking for a Whole30 blogger who has it all together and has nice, neat series with great pictures, I’m totally not your gal. However, if you dig slackers who take awful pictures, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s a photo montage of what’s been eaten, and happening around here for past few days:

First up, here’s what my month looks like. This doesn’t include homeschooling or housework stuff. Then we’re gearing up for a vacation for two weeks at the end of the month. Also, if you look on the 11th…we’ll have completed our first Whole30! Just 9 More days!

Yea, school is back in session. Life is busy once again!

I’ve read some great Paleo books! I really can’t imagine going back to the way were eating before and we’ll try and introduce some stuff, like dairy, legumes, and certain grains, but if we react poorly we obviously won’t be eating them anymore.

First I’ve read about a third of this book, The Paleo Solution, and it looks like a book that would be filled with nothing but boring facts but Robb Wolf presents this information in a fun to read and easy to understand way.

The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf and yes there are cows on my jammies!

Secondly, if I was to recommend just one book for someone wanting to eat Paleo, it would be this one. Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo, breaks down information in a beautiful and colorful format. Filled with 30 day meal plans for all the different ways to ‘go Paleo’ and yummy recipes with stunning pictures.

Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo

I’m still awaiting the actual Whole30 book, It Starts with Food, to be available from the library but it didn’t stop me from starting! You can definitely get started with just the information on their website, Whole30.com . 

We ate some yummy stuff over the past few days though!

Before we did our big grocery shopping trip this past weekend, I was making due with what we had. Sometimes, the best food comes from these pantry raids! Like this here, lemon pepper chicken with roasted green beans.

Lemon Pepper Chicken with Roasted Green Beans

We even broke out the fancy china! Silliness aside, this dinner was no joke.

I just thawed out two boneless, skinless, chicken breasts. Sliced a large lemon in half and squeezed the juice over one piece of chicken. Then sprinkled each side with plenty of salt, fresh cracked black pepper, onion and garlic powder. Then I zested the half of the lemon on top. Repeated with the other piece of chicken. I pre-heated a cast iron grill over medium high heat and coated it in olive oil. Grilled each side for about 4-5 minutes then I finished off in a 400 degree oven for about 10 more minutes until my meat thermometer read 165º. I then squeezed a little more lemon juice on it before eating. Yum!

Another pantry raid meal was this here half-pound burger wrapped in romaine and topped with some Dijon mustard. I think it took me only 1 minute to eat the whole thing. The trick to a good homemade patty is to shape it as thin as you can before cooking, and make little indentions in the middle so it will cook evenly. And whatever you do, don’t press down on it with your spatula!

Burger on Romaine Buns

You’d think I’d been drinking with how progressively worse these pictures get, but there’s no alcohol allowed on Whole30. I spent all this time making this plate pretty, only to take a crummy picture. But here’s my breakfast one morning. A couple boiled eggs, apple slices with almond butter, and sliced cucumber with olive oil, salt, pepper, and chili powder. I really love “snacky” meals with a little bit of everything!

Cucumbers drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then sprinkled with salt, pepper, and chili powder. A couple boiled eggs, and apple slices with almond butter.

My favorite meal, and the easiest, was the Skinnytaste canned tuna ceviche we’ve made before. However, we ate it “fish taco style” in butter lettuce leaves topped with avocado. It was the bomb.

Canned Tuna Ceviche “fish-taco style” in butter lettuce leaves and avocado

So while we were doing some shopping at Wally World, I found the famed name Coke bottles. I saw Nate’s name and pulled it out to show him, only to find my name right behind his! It’s like we’re meant to be together! (For the record, as much as I wanted to buy these, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend money on something we never would drink).

Nate+Chelsea = ❤

This post is pretty picture heavy, but I want to share just one more. Look at all this beautiful meat and eggs! All from happy, pastured, grass-fed animals!

Shady Grove Farm Haul

Here’s the run down of what we got:

  • 6 dozen eggs
  • 4 lbs ground pork
  • 3 lbs of sliced pork belly (for bacon!)
  • 3 – .5 lb strip steaks
  • 5 lbs of ground beef
  • 2 – 4 lb Chickens
  • 4 lbs of boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 3 lbs of drumsticks
  • 3 lbs of chicken leg quarters
  • 1 qt of pastured lard

It’s all so pretty I almost don’t want to eat it.

Well I would conclude with some thoughts of how we’re doing and feeling, but Sweet Pea is crying and needs me. However, we’re feeling awesome and I think I found a little tiger blood.

much love,



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