Whole30: Days Thirteen and Fourteen

Whole30: Day Thirteen + Fourteen

Life’s been busy trying to get ready to go out of town for four days with three kids while on Whole30! Apparently I’m glutton for punishment!  So I’m combining days thirteen and fourteen 🙂


Day Thirteen

Man, did I wake up with a headache this morning! I took two a couple ibuprofen and had this big cup for breakfast.

I like big cups and I cannot lie…

My head hurt so bad I couldn’t even stomach the thought of eating anything. Eventually, after the meds worked their magic, I heated up the last of my Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie just to have something on my stomach.

Since we were going to be out of town for the next several days, our Saturday was spent doing laundry, mowing the yard, cleaning the house, and grocery shopping. All that super fun stuff I love to do (not)! 😛

So today we tried to eat up all our leftovers and any extra produce so we didn’t have any waste. Lunch was leftover spaghetti, and  dare I say it was better on day two than the first time we had it? I love meals like that!

Leftover “Spaghetti”

We finished up cleaning the house and were famished, so we had a little snack before heading out to get groceries. These were all things just hanging out the fridge and needed to be eaten, but it was a good plate full of food!

Halved Cherry Tomatoes and Hard-Boiled Eggs

While grocery shopping, we tried a new store and it was frustrating when it came to meat in particular because all their chicken was full of chicken broth solution. Some upwards to 20%! I prefer the chicken that usually comes individually packaged without all the added broth because when you cook it, it stays the same size as when you put it in the pan! The other frozen family packs shrink up and you end up with just little chicken nuggets. BLEH!

For dinner it was Canned Tuna Ceviche, and holy moly was it AWESOME! I would call this more of a lunch dish, but we didn’t want to dirty up dishes because we were leaving in the morning. It’s essentially pico de gallo with canned tuna, topped with avocado. YUM!

Canned Tuna Ceviche — Crummy picture, but I was starving and I was ready to gobble this down!

Since dinner was so easy, I spent the rest of the night singing cooking in the kitchen and prepping stuff for our trip. This is how you get it done with a cranky baby!

Babywearing FTW!

I cranked out our salad dressing for the week and some AH-MAZING Egg Muffins from PaleOMG. I dropped the veggies and just used sausage, garlic powder, onion powder, and red pepper flakes. I also used 12 eggs so it would fill up my muffin tins and liners are ESSENTIAL. You’d never get them out otherwise. But this is a winner! I think they’d freeze easily if I wanted to make them in bulk too.


Day Fourteen

Today is the day we’re leaving for my in-laws for four days while our house is being worked on. So I was a little too busy to remember any pictures. But here’s what we ate:

Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs w/ Salsa

Lunch – I can’t remember…

Dinner – Burgers on Lettuce “Buns” w/ Carrot Fries

I really suck at making burgers, but they turned out all right. I also cooked dinner at my in-laws and I assumed there would be seasonings we could use there, but they use a lot of spice mixes and most of them contained stuff that we’re trying to avoid! You have to read every.single.label. while living this Whole30 lifetyle. It does get pretty tedious and time-consuming, and really frustrating at times but it’s worth it so far! We ended up just using plain ole salt and ground pepper for everything. The ground up pepper is a whole lot more spicy than I remember!

My carrot fries didn’t turn out as they usually do. I didn’t have access to extra virgin olive oil, or freshly ground pepper, and I bought a brand of carrots that I’m not used to and they were more plump baby carrots so they didn’t turn out quite right and needed waaaay longer than they usually do. It was enough to frustrate anyone, and I really just wanted to give in right then but somewhere I mustered up the determination to carry on.

I finished off my night with a Lara Bar treat to make me feel better 🙂

If you’re looking for days fifteen through nineteen, it’ll be labeled Week 3. I had zero wifi access for my laptop, well at least any that would run WordPress, so I will just be posting the highlights from our week out of town.

Keep Calm and Whole30 On!



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