Whole 30: Day Eleven and My Near Failure

Whole 30: Day 11

I woke up feeling pretty much on top of the world. I felt energetic, happy, and meal one was easy because it was just heated up leftovers from my Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie the night before. My husband went on his merry way to work, and I got the big kids breakfast at a reasonable time. All was right in the world.

I grabbed my coffee and made my way to the “office” to eat my food and crank out my blog post yesterday. Here’s a picture. Just keepin’ real folks!

Meal One: Leftover Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie in the “office”. A.K.A. The dining room table.

I typed up my blog post, clicked share, and made my way to the shower while Sweet Pea was down for her morning nap. While in the shower, my husband messages me to let me know something was wrong with my recipe.


Why yes, I cried over peas. I cry over sappy commercials. I cry when I see a beautiful rainbow. I also cry when I’m pregnant and I eat a Schlotsky’s sandwich and it tastes like heaven on my tongue because… ‘mones.

However, It was an honest mistake. The only sneaky legumes I remembered were peanuts and edamame (which is technically soy? sheez! This food group stuff is tricky business!), I saw green and thought it was an OK thing. I thought I had just undone all the hard work we had put in these last 11 days, and in the moment it really felt that way. However, once I was over the initial crying phase, I realize it is about more than just “not eating” these certain food groups, it is about completely changing your relationship with food and people with healthy relationships with food don’t cry over the fact they “accidentally” ate some darn peas! I’m not about to let a 1/4 of cup of peas let me completely undo all the hard changes I’ve made. Believe me, if I wanted to “give in” it would be for a What-a-burger with cheese and mustard and not peas!

So I’m hanging the cat posters and putting on my big girl panties, cause I’m not giving in!

I think when we finish our 30 days, I wanna celebrate with a Paleo treat. Like some pancakes smothered in maple syrup, or some Paleo Krunch Granola. I’m not going to want to binge out on pizza or ice cream. So now I have something to look forward to, and  yet it is still good for me.

Speaking of good for me, lunch was great! I made my Tuna Salad recipe but I added an mashed avocado to give it that creamy texture to replace the missing mayo. I think next time I’ll put some on butter lettuce leaves and eat it as a wrap. I also threw dinner in the crock pot.

Tuna Salad with Mashed Avocado over Salad Greens, Diced Apples, and Slivered Almonds


I still felt a little depressed about my mess-up the rest of the day, and I had to process why I felt the way I did. So, I spent most of the afternoon snuggling my Sweet Pea while she napped. I mean, who wouldn’t want to snuggle this sweet girl!

I just love her!

Luckily dinner was easy peasy. It was a familiar recipe too, one I’ve made dozens of times and also another skinnytaste.com recipe! Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps. We had it without ranch or blue cheese, but it was still delicious! If I had the time or energy I would have made some Paleo Ranch, but it was still good without. If you have any favorite recipes you liked prior to Whole30, I think it helps to try pick ones that are compliant or easily adaptable. It’s nice to have familiar tasting stuff once in awhile.

Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps on Fancy Paper China

After dinner, I made a run to the library to see if they had a copy of the Whole30 book, It Starts with Food, but it was checked out. However, I picked up Robb Wolf’s book, The Paleo Solution  and Diane Sanfillipo’s, Practical Paleo. (All non-affiliate links) I’ll try and post reviews when I’m done reading them.

I’ll leave you with this cat poster to remind you to never give up if you just BELIEVE in yourself! 😛




Everything is awesome,



2 thoughts on “Whole 30: Day Eleven and My Near Failure

  1. I’m with you on the pea thing. I still don’t get why legumes are off limits because it’s a freakin’ vegetable. But, I don’t understand a lot of my food anymore *lol* But you did good with the mishap. Shake it off and move on, as they say 🙂


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