Whole30: Day Nine and The Lunch Matrix

Whole30: Day 9

Today started off to a “bad” start. The husband was running late, Sweet Pea wanted to nurse, Pumpkin and Princess needed breakfast too. I simply didn’t have time to cook anything for myself. So after I took care of everyone else I threw some almond butter and raisins on a banana and called it done. While it was super delicious, I really needed the protein I was missing. I could feel my blood sugar dropping between breakfast and lunch time. It wasn’t as bad as it was pre-Whole30, but I was easily irritable. I’d definitely make this again, but as a treat.

Almond Butter Smothered Banana with Raisins

I can’t apologize enough for my crummy pictures. This picture was definitely pre-coffee.

Breakfast really set me up for failure this morning. It made me hungry for more “sweets”. I think I had some oranges and blueberries between breakfast and lunch but looking back, I should have just taken a minute to boil some eggs or something. I think after this week I want to keep some grilled chicken breasts and  boiled eggs in the fridge to snack on if I need it.

Speaking of grilled breasts. I did grill up five chicken breasts for dinner tonight and lunches throughout the week. Since it was cooler in the morning I went ahead and roasted my spaghetti squash for dinner tonight and for dinner Friday. You always need to be thinking ahead!

Lunch was great. I love a cold, crisp salad with warm chicken on top! Plus, mandarins and cucumbers made a great pairing. We also had some slivered almonds on top for good measure.

Grilled Chicken Salad with Mandarins, Cucumbers, and Slivered Almonds

I guess my pictures are progressively getting bettter. This was a definite post-coffee picture 😛

I guess today is as good as any to share my (*cue the Twilight Zone theme song*)… LUNCH MATRIX!

It’s really not that complicated, but it’s a way to help keep our salads interesting. It’s almost always the same greens, pick a few toppings (the fun stuff!), one or two proteins, and a dressing. Toss it and serve!

The “Lunch Matrix”

All you need is a fancy piece of legal pad paper (no other kind of paper will do!), a pen, and  some old fashioned handwriting skills and you too could have your very own Lunch Matrix! Just pick your favorite toppings, proteins, and dressings. I suggest having a mixture of sweet, salty and savory toppings. Also, think of textures, some stuff crunchy, some stuff more tender or juicy.

As mentioned earlier, breakfast sorta set me up for being entirely too snacky today. I ate way too many figs, mostly cause my daughter wanted to share with me 🙂 Yet, another Larabar. I’m not buying anymore of those this Whole30. They’re too much like a treat, which I’m trying to break myself of. I also had a banana. Sheez, that sounds like a lot! It is what it is I guess.

Dinner was great. It was Chicken Alfredo #Whole30Style! As long as I strained the sauce to rid it of the onions and basil, the kids slurped it down! I made regular noodles for them, while Nate and I used spaghetti squash. I think my noodles were a little too al dente. But I can just nuke them in the microwave a little more next time 🙂

Chicken Alfredo #Whole30Style

My sweet tooth was still bothering me and my stomach was growling after the kids went to bed. So I had a a bowl full of grapes again. I suppose that’s better than the bowls of cereal or PBJ I’m used to having? It’s progress it guess! At least I’m not succumbing to my cravings!

That was day nine in a nutshell! We bought homeschool curriculum for the kiddos, and we did a whole lot of nothing else 🙂

Would you all be interested in how I am adapting our meal plan to include our kiddos? Let me know below!

Happy Eating!




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