Whole30: Day Eight

I think I’m finally over the dreaded ‘Carb-Flu’. I don’t have the energy burst I keep hearing about, but my mind feels really clear and I can’t rave enough about how stable my blood sugars are. I love not crashing and burning when I’m getting hungry.

I’m also really loving that doing the Whole30 is pushing me to try new foods and recipes I wouldn’t look twice at before. I’ve discovered some new favorite foods that way! I can feel my relationship with food is getting healthier and I’m not relying on it to make me happy and pacify my emotional wounds with it. I think between eating this way and journaling my way through it all, it’s helping in so many ways! Physically and mentally.

I’ve heard this second week the cravings get tougher but Monday wasn’t so bad. I was extremely hungry and snacky all day though, but that could be in part to a ravenous nursing beast baby.

Breakfast was simply scrambled eggs with some new salsa we bought. It’s “Campfire Roasted”, whatever that means, but it has such a unique flavor and it really helps keep eggs exciting.

When you’re Paleo/Whole30, salsa’s the new ketchup!

Oh, here’s a picture of it by the way. I hope you can find it and try it yourself! Hubby got a ghost pepper one cause he’s cray cray.

Salsa’s the new ketchup!

I’ve also been missing the fluffy texture a splash of half/half would add to our scrambled eggs. I had leftover coconut milk in the fridge and tried them with a splash of that, and it gave the eggs that extra fluff I was looking for!

Meal One: Scrambled Eggs, Salsa, with a Couple Strawberries for Good Measure

Between breakfast and lunch I had a cup of mandarin oranges (packed in 100% juice!) and a Larabar. I only bought six of those bars for the month, and I’m polishing them off too fast 😦 Oh well, when they’re gone they are are gone!

Lunch was fabulous! I winged a tuna salad free of mayo. Here’s the ingredients, it made enough for two salads:

Tuna Salad ingredients

I drained the tuna, sliced the eggs, added a diced pickle, three tablespoons of pickle juice, and a teaspoon of mustard and mixed it up in a bowl. Our salad was chopped romaine and spinach, with a diced apple (the sweet apple helped balance the tangy tuna salad!), some sliced cucumber with our favorite apple cider vinaigrette (sans honey!). This is a new favorite salad I’ll be making again for sure!

Tuna Salad-Salad

As I mentioned at the before, I was hungry today. I ate my fair share of figs, grapes, and cherry tomatoes this afternoon. But never mind that, can we just talk about dinner? It was by far the most “out there” in terms of spices and ingredients (well for me anyway!), but I not only finished off my plate, I had seconds! It was so dang good! It was yet another Skinnytaste.com recipe. This time it was Sukuma Wiki (Kenyan Braised Collard Greens with Ground Beef).

Yea, we were real mature with trying to pronounce that name 😛

Sukuma Wiki

You like that artsy fartsy angle? Yea, my hubby took that picture. He’s the creative one around here. I think there’s only one angle, with the camera directly above my plate.  Whereas he sees it from all angles and then picks the best one. I think that’s a good thing, it makes us a good team 🙂

Well, I’m off to conquer week two!



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