Whole30: Day Six

Whole30: Day Six

What a great day!

It’s getting to be towards the end of summer and back to school time, so we got together with our oldest and dearest (and taterrific! Inside joke…) friends for a swim party. We grilled out and swam all afternoon and watch the Cowboys kick off for the season, well pre-season anyway.

That morning I woke up and really wasn’t hungry, so I just made me some coffee and got to work making Whole30 friendly potato salad and fruit salad. As of August 2014, white potatoes are considered A-OK by the Whole30 peeps. Click here to read about the new “rules” and why they now include them.

I was going to boil some eggs for the potato salad so I just boiled one extra for me and had that for breakfast with a side of sliced apples and almond butter. The key to perfect boiled eggs is to place your eggs in a pot, cover with water, bring to a boil, then turn off the heat and put a lid on your pot for 15 minutes. No yucky green color!

Boiled Egg with Apple Slices and Almond Butter

I’m finding that towards the end of the week I’m needing to eat less and less to feel as full as I did Pre-Whole30. The beginning of the week I needed to snack a bunch and eat bigger meals to feel satisfied, but now I am just not as hungry. Woo-hoo!

Since we were going to have a late lunch/dinner at the party, Hubster and I both had a Larabar to help tide us over. Those things are aptly named. So far we’ve had the Banana Bread, Cherry Pie, and Pecan Pie and they all taste exactly as their namesake. Those will definitely be a bigger staple after this month is over. Right now, they feel too much like a treat and make me feel like I’m cheating, so I’m saving them for rainy days. Good thing it’s supposed to rain tomorrow! 😛

On a side note, can I just complain how long it takes to get ready and out the door when you have three kids? And the stuff! SO. MUCH. STUFF. Floaties, diapers, snacks, drinks, extra clothes, chairs, etc. etc. Once we’re all actually dressed, we need another 30 minutes just to gather all our things and get loaded up! No wonder I’m a homebody these days. Getting out takes too much work.

Once we were at our friends’ house, I had to put on my game face. I really wanted a big handful of chips, or a pile of macaroni and cheese but I was able to stay on track because I planned ahead. I knew they were grilling burgers, but with all the temptations around I wanted to have something to look forward to so I wouldn’t want the Doritos or birthday cake, so I grabbed Nate and I some NY Strip Steaks. They were so tender I cut those things with a plastic knife!

****Never, ever, ever, cook a steak that’s cold. Always bring it up to room temperature. Otherwise it seizes up when it hits the heat, resulting in a tough steak. Tough steaks = unhappy mamas.****

As I was saying earlier, I had made Whole30 compliant potato salad and rainbow fruit salad. I used Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Potato Salad, but I bought pickles that were OK to use (Bubbies brand is the only one I could find, and even if I wasn’t on Whole30 I’ll continue to buy these. They’re ah-mazing!)  and I MADE homemade mayo. My mayo was getting thick and creamy and  instead of just stopping before all my oil was in the blender, I thought I needed to add it all but the blender wasn’t moving the mayo anymore. I made the mistake of turning my blender on super high and overheated the mayo and it turned kind of soupy. However, the flavor was the same, and I wasn’t looking for the creamy texture in this potato salad so it was just fine 🙂

Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Potato Salad made Whole30 Compliant 🙂

NY Strip Steaks – Bring to room temp and just put some S&P and garlic powder. If you have a truly good steak, you don’t need tons of seasoning, sauces, or marinades.


Both hubby and I were feeling sort of weak, and I think this carb-heavy potato salad helped us get over the ‘Carb-Flu’. It made us both feel a whole lot better. My rainbow fruit salad was just one fruit from each color of the rainbow thrown into a bowl. I forgot to get a picture, but it was pretty! Strawberries, mandarin oranges, pineapple, blueberries, kiwi, and purple grapes 🙂

We stayed later than I had originally thought we would and we were getting hungry again, and it was getting WAAAY too tempting to chow down on some leftover hot dogs or boudin. Luckily Sweet Pea was getting overwhelmed and fussy, so we decided it was time to head home. We didn’t get to the casa until after 8pm and by the time we put Pumpkin and Princess to bed it was after 9 pm. I didn’t want to eat a Larabar, but seeing as we hadn’t gone grocery shopping for the week yet, our choices were limited for something quick to eat. I was still hungry after that, so I split the last sweet potato I found in the back of the fridge with Nate.

Bedtime couldn’t come soon enough at this point. So I’ll leave you with this picture of Sweet Pea in her sun hat ❤

Couldn’t you just eat her chubby cheeks? I don’t think they’re Whole30 compliant though 😉

Shh…the baby is sleeping.



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