Whole30: Day Four & Five

I felt so bad on four and five, I decided to lump them together in one post.

I hit what is apparently called the “Carb Flu” stage. It’s a really strong feeling of being fuzzy headed, inability to think very clearly, and extreme fatigue. It isn’t the worst feeling ever, but my motivation for doing anything is completely out the window. My house is messy, my kids are still in pajamas from two days ago, cooking and eating just take too much effort, and I’m so ready for this stage to pass. Not everyone goes through this stage, but many do. It can last anywhere from a day or two, to a couple of weeks. I’m hoping for the former.

So here’s a quick rundown of what we had on Day Four:

Breakfast was some more scrambled eggs with salsa and sliced avocado. This has been by far the best breakfast of the week. It’s familiar to me, and I’m not used to eating such hearty breakfasts. I’m so used to correlating breakfast with grains. Like such as pancakes, oatmeal, cereal, bagels, etc. So it’s been very hard to switch to savory items, at least for me anyway. A girl on a Facebook group suggested I started calling it meal one instead and don’t worry if it is considered ‘breakfasty’. I think that will really help going forward. So here’s “Meal One”:

Day Four Breakfast: More Scrambled Eggs with Salsa and Sliced Avocado


Lunch was scrumptious, just as last night. I wouldn’t recommend reheating these patties in the microwave, 15 minutes in a 350 degree oven helped crisp it right back up. The slaw was divine on day two! If you want the recipes, check out my Day Three post.

Day Four Lunch: Leftover Salmon Burgers with Paleo Mayo Broccoli Slaw


Dinner was also amazing! Although the kids pitched a fit :/

Turkey, no-bean, sweet potato chili with kale! I got the recipe from Skinnytaste.com (one my absolute favs, and easily adaptable to fit whatever diet you’re on) but I simply added one cup of chopped kale at the end. I also needed to cook mine ten minute longer than the recipe states, just until my potatoes were tender.

Day Four Dinner: Turkey, No-Bean, Sweet potato Chili with Kale


I didn’t snack at all today, but as I mentioned earlier, eating wasn’t a top priority today. I did eat a bowl of grapes while watching TV at night but that was it.




Day Five

Yesterday I thought I would help speed breakfast along by making these mini frittata muffins to heat up for the next few days. Sadly, they turned out awful 😦 They might not have been too bad if my coconut oil didn’t have such a strong coconut flavor but still I label these as unedible and will likely not make them again. Hubby ate them all, but as I mentioned before, he’s the family goat 😛

See? Even my picture looks depressing. I also REALLY did not want to eat this day. I actually spit this out and didn’t eat until lunch time. I just wasn’t hungry.

Day Five Breakfast: Mini Fritata Muffins with spinach, onion, mushroom and grape tomatoes

Lunch was the leftover Turkey chili from Day Four (see above for recipe). I really should have eaten this for breakfast. It was waaay better on day two than day one! I love meals like that! Ignore the weird foot at the bottom of the screen.

Leftover Turkey Chili with Sweet Potatoes and Kale

That afternoon I was brave and took all three kids by myself to our local ‘Whole Foods’, although we don’t have a real one…I imagine it’s what it is like. We stocked up on some snacks and some items to take for a swim party tomorrow that would be Whole30 friendly. Thinking ahead people! I bought Larabars for when we need a quick snack to go and O.M.W…if I didn’t have the self control I now feel I have, I could have eaten all the banana bread flavored ones ever made!

It was also difficult to not be able to indulge in all the food samples there. The kids were eating stuff left and right and I just had to say, no thanks! It could have been very easy to cheat, but I just didn’t want to. I’ve worked too hard this week to let one little bite set me back!

Dinner was great! I made coconut chicken tenders, with roasted baby carrot ‘fries’ and a side salad. I loved the carrots so much I made a second pan later that night to munch on while we watched TV. The tenders were delicious, but again, the kids fought me on them. They always fight over dinner though. I sort of winged the recipe by pulling from several different paleo coconut chicken tender recipes on the internet. I thought mine were very successful and I’ll post a recipe for them later tonight in a separate post.

Paleo Coconut Chicken Tenders with Roasted Baby Carrot ‘Fries’ and a side salad

I know the pictures are once again AWFUL but this carb flu has been kicking my tail! If you have any words of encouragement, I’d really appreciate them. It’s gotten tough to not want to just go get some Whataburger, or even a pizza with how tired I am!

Well, I got a pool party to go to…

Later peeps!



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