Whole30: Day Two

Whole30: Day Two

Day two was a lot easier than day one but I experienced some strange ‘symptoms’. I had a general overall feeling of being ‘hungover’, you know the one where you have that spacey light-headed feeling, and just don’t feel ‘with it’. If you’ve never been hungover, I’d compare it to a really bad allergy day where you’ve taken one too many Benadryls and you have that groggy feeling.

I also kept having hot flashes. I’ll be cold one minute, then the next my palms are sweaty and then it creeps up my body. I can only assume it is because my body is adjusting to this new way of eating and flushing out the ‘bad’.

I think I’m having stronger ‘symptoms’ than my husband because I was definitely a bigger sugar/carb junkie than he was. I can’t even recall a day where I didn’t eat sugar or carbs. However, the feelings aren’t bad enough to even consider quitting. It’s no worse than that feeling you get when you binge eat homemade candies made by your awesome grandmother-in-law at Christmas. Oh, you don’t do that? Well, more candy for me suckers!

But wait a minute…that’s exactly what it feels like. I’m eating super healthy now, and yet I feel as though I ate entirely too much sugar. WeIrD. There’s gotta be some science to that. I hate using the word ‘detox’ but maybe that’s what it is? If you’re more science-y than me please comment and tell me your theory!

Enough about my feelings and pseudoscience…here’s what we chowed down on yesterday.

Breakfast was night and day better than the green grass eggs yesterday. We had scrambled eggs with leftover steak and mushrooms and some halved cherry tomatoes. Muy delicioso!

Leftover Steak and Eggs with Cherry Tomatoes and some strawberries

Between breakfast and lunch, I didn’t feel too hungry and didn’t snack at all. I drank two cups of black coffee. However, when 11:30 am hit…Wham! I felt super hangry (hunger induced anger for those not hip to the lingo) that I was almost ready to Hulk out. So while trying to make lunch, I ate a handful of dates to keep the big green guy inside of me calm.

On a more serious note, one great tip for doing this Whole30 or just Paleo in general is to cook as much as you can in one session. For instance, yesterday it took just as long to grill one chicken breast as it did two so it was much faster to make lunch today than yesterday, but most importantly, clean up was easier! Same thing with our sweet potatoes, I only needed four last night but cooked eight to eat on throughout the week.

Speaking of clean-up, we’re also had to start running the dishwasher twice a day. After breakfast I unload it, and hubby helps load it at lunch. Then I unload it in the afternoon so we can load it again after dinner. I’m so happy Nate works less than 3 minutes from our house, it helps make lunchtime run a lot more smoothly with him home. Plus. I like getting to see his cute butt self midday ❤

What was I talking about? Oh yea, lunch.

Here’s what we had: A tasty grilled chicken salad with slivered almonds, mandarin oranges (in 100% juice), and this same apple cider vinaigrette (no honey!) as yesterday.

Grilled Chicken Salad with Almonds, Mandarin Oranges, and Apple Cider Vinaigrette 


So I have this nearly 3 month old, Sweet Pea, who is still exclusively breastfeeding which makes me one hungry mama. So when I felt completely famished an hour after lunch, I did some research online to see what other nursing moms should do while going through the Whole30. Apparently, instead of focusing on 3 big meals a day, it’s fine to snack if you feel hungry. They never want you feeling hungry. It’s also ok to load up on starchier produce like sweet potatoes and and fruit. I apparently took this to heart and polished off the carton of figs we had. They’re worse than Pringles I tell you! Basically, as a nursing mom, put yourself in the super athlete category. So any suggestions they gave for crazy people like Crossfitters, it applies to you as a lactating lady. You basically are a super athlete if you think about it…nursing marathon anyone? My best time has been two hours and 45 minutes!

Dinner was scrumptious, I actually got full.

We had taco salad with guacamole, salsa, and mini sweet bell pepper ‘chips’. We just sliced them in half and they become a device to stuff copious amounts of guacamole into our mouths.

We have made our own homemade taco seasoning since forever. It’s completely Whole30 approved and SO much better than those packet things. Here’s the recipe. I doubled the seasoning cause I cooked two pounds of hamburger meat, so we can eat some for lunch tomorrow. I also made a boatload of guacamole. Yes, that’s a real measurement. Did I mention day two was a Tuesday? Cause we totally celebrate Taco Tuesday at our house! Ole!

Taco Salad with Guacamole, Salsa, and Mini Sweet Bell Pepper “Chips”

I ate a handful of green grapes around 9:00 pm while watching Once Upon a Time. I’m obsessed with that show! It’s not like the best show ever, but it’s fun to watch. Anyone else like it?

That’s it for day two! Compared to day one,today was a breeze. I felt a little weird  all day, more so than usual, and I seriously salivated over a PB&J I made for Princess. But other than that, it was good!

Buenas Noches!



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