Whole30: Introduction


Are you familiar with the Paleo Diet?

You know, the one where you eat copious amounts of bacon, on bacon, topped with bacon? (I’m only kidding…sort of.)

If you have, chances are you have heard about The Whole30 .

The Whole30 is basically the Paleo Diet but without any sweeteners whatsoever, including honey or maple syrup and sadly no alcohol. Although, right about now, having my coffee without my beloved stevia and half and half is making wish I could top off my coffee cup with some rum but I digress.

So this all sounds like hell right? Well, it’s called Whole30 cause it’s only for thirty days. Not twenty-three, not twenty-nine, but THIRTY. This is totally doable. It helps me to know there is an end in sight! In thirty days I can be reunited with my stevia and half and half!

If you’re not familiar with the Paleo Diet, I’ll give it to you in a nutshell. You’re focusing on high quality, meats, eggs,  vegetables, fruits, nuts (no peanuts!), and healthy oils (like ghee, olive, coconut or avocado). So no grains, dairy, legumes, refined sugars, processed foods, or refined vegetable oils. Basically, “clean eating” without grains and dairy.

Supposedly, it’s not a ‘diet’ in the restrictive sense as most people think of when they hear the word ‘diet’. It’s a way to eat for life. You’re not counting calories or carbs, you’re simply eating ‘approved’ foods when you’re hungry and not eating when you’re full.

So why Whole30?

Well, for my husband, Nate, and I, it’s about resetting our bodies to learn how to burn good food for fuel, to model healthy eating habits for our kids, and to quit relying on carb dense foods. For me personally, it’s also an emotional and psychological need. I’ve got to quit soothing my depression with sweets and carbohydrates. I need to retrain my taste buds and my body to crave REAL food, not food-like substances.

I have a feeling my sweet hubby is going to fly through this with no problems, and I’m going to struggle like hell, which is why I started this blog. To help document my journey through the Whole30 program, so when I feel like giving up or wanting to pacify my emotions with say a Little Debbie Cosmic brownie, I’ll come here and write through it instead of stuffing my face with said brownie (-s). I’m not writing this blog so much to infom others but as a means for me to process the next 30 days.

So yea, I’ll share our recipes, some pictures, my struggles and triumphs, tips and just our life in general over the course of our Whole30 journey.

If you want additional information about the Whole30 program, be sure to check out their website at: http://whole30.com/whole30-program-rules/

Happy Eating!




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